Fabian Peralta y Josefina Bermudez AvilaFabian Peralta was 23 years old when he began his formation with Master Mingo Pugliese. Thereafter he served as performance dancer with several Buenos Aires „casas del tango”. He has been artistic director for the Corporación Tango show and he has performed in Tango X2, Solo Tango and Copes Tango Copes, among other achievements. He is professor at the Carlos Copello tango school and is invited to festivals around the world. He won the International Tango Championships (Tango Salon category) in 2006, which he considers to be his greatest achievement to date.

Josefina Bermudez Avila grew up with dance. She learned modern ballet at the Oscar Araiz school and she has danced with the company directed by him. She discovers tango at age eleven. Since then her career has been divided between these two types of dances. She has been working for the last two years at the Carlos Copello school where she teaches; her career has taken a new turn with the world tour she is doing with Fabian Peralta. The FITM is the first North American stop on their tour.

Csongor Kicsi y Antonella Terrazas
Csongor Kicsi won the European Tango Salon Champion 2015, Teacher, Performer, Choreographer, Milonguero & Tango Dj – Brasov, Romania. Csongor breathes tango every moment of his life! He has been a dancer from the age of 4 years when he began with ballroom sports dances. Soon after in 2010 Argentine Tango entered his life; he fell in love with tango and decided to dedicate his life and dancing career to it. Ever since then, Csongor started studying and discovering the intricate mysteries and secrets of tango and participated at workshops with Argentine and international tango maestros. He learned useful secrets from each of them which helped him to develop a personal meaning for his tango dance and interpretation.

Antonella Terrazas

She was born in Mendoza-Argentina and she come from a family of artists. Her love for dancing start when she was 5 years old, during her childhood she studied many disciplines like ballet,contemporary,modern,jazz,aerial dance,argentinean folk dances, musical comedy and tango. Her family gave her a strong idea about the „perfect dancer” it was to be complete, to know and learn diferent disciplines to grow up as an artists and not just a dancer.
This is an important pilar for Antonella and now she teach with the knowledge of everything not just Tango; how we can use the body in a healty way or not , her goals in her classes its to give all what she has and to use diferent techniques as a tool to teach and arrive to each kind of person. Her students know her as a very exigent teacher but funny and playfull person also. She is well know also because of her clear explanations in classes because with all her background of diferents disciplines she try to make examples with simple things.
She has live in Italy for 4 years but now she lives in Moscow working with Sebastian Arce giving regular clases and learning russian!

Vlasta Veselko 
Vlasta Veselko is a tango dancer and teacher coming from professional contemporary dance. As she got to know Argentine tango in 2008 she went to Buenos Aires to learn the magic of this wonderful dance there. She spent there altogether three years, learning, practicing, performing and also teaching. In April 2016 she moved back to Slovenia and started more seriously to dedicate her time to teaching at her home country and traveling in Europe.