The City

The City

TIMISOARA – Charming city, famous for its distinct architectural character and vibrant cultural life.


Thanks to its mild climate Timisoara has lots of public squares and lush green retreats. Also Timisoara is home to year-round musical and theatrical performances, art galleries, museums and a buzzing nightlife. As such progressive, cosmopolitan place, Timisoara is the perfect place for our Tango Festival.

When you will wish to explore you can do that easily by foot. If you get tired, a tram will be along in a moment; the system is fast, frequent and efficient.

Just some part of the places to see can be the churches of several denominations, a Jewish quarter, an elegant baroque square and a pedestrian-only downtown area. Some of the monuments in the heart of the city afford panoramic views, while the many parks in this “city of flowers” provide an idyllic spot to take a break from sightseeing.

The Food

The Food

The food in Timisoara is not to be missed!


From the variety of impressing quality restaurants and terraces around Unirii Square we would recommend you some places. For international menu and fancy salads have a seat at Stradivarius, for great steaks at Grătarul cu staif and for memorable sweets don’t forget to visit Siciliana. You should definitely visit Biblioteca, place with more than 100 types of beer and amazing burgers.

Drinking coffee is very important part of the socializing culture in Timisoara so great coffee shops are available all around!


Transportation & Accommodations




The airport is located six miles from the city center.

Taxis are available outside the arrivals area or you can always call for taxi, for example Euro taxi 0256/941.

Also the Express Bus line 4 links the airport with downtown Timisoara and line 4B goes to the main train station (fare: 2.5RON – one way). Tickets are available at the parking ticket pay desk inside the terminal.





If you are coming by bus or train, both stations are next to each other, very near the city centre.

Please DO NOT take taxi in front of the stations, they will charge you 10-15 times the regular amount.

Rather, call a taxi to come and pick you up at the station or take the public transportation.



When in Timisoara..


Probably the best way to see the city is by taking a free tour of the city. But if you feel like walking around you can visit most places in downtown Timisoara, by foot. If not, there is also available transportation including trolleys, trams and buses. The prices for one ticket are around 0.6 and 0.3€ respectively and you can find them at press stands in almost every station. You can also buy daily  or weekly passes.


For  Accommodation there are many available options. You can find some hotels marked on the interactive map as suggestions based on location. Also we recommend you to try to find a room at Hotel Delpack 4* (more info below) since we have special prices for our Timisoara Tango Festival participants.


Strada Glad, nr 51-53
Timisoara, Romania
Tel: +40 256 406080, +40 727 735452, +40 726 026020
Fax: +40 256 40 60 81


Palladium Dance Club
Strada Cuvin (corner with strada Cornelia Salceanu)


Dance Stage
Strada Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi 20
(entrance from Strada Cuvin)